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Nan Liu
Posted on March 8, 2018

Since the streaming service is gradually replacing the  traditional TV, streaming companies started to produce their own TV series over the past decent.
I am curious about how does it impact those company. Ultimately, the streaming company wants to know how much money they are able to make through the TV shows, but there is limited research available. Therefore, I decided to scrape Wikipedia and IMDB to construct my own data. I focused my research on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. The following timeline I draw demonstrate some major events that happened in past decade.


After the scaping, it's obvious that the number of original series has been increasing exponentially, however, the IMDB ratings are going down. It doesn't necessary means that the quality of the contents is going down, when we have large enough pool of sample, it's more likely to have TV shows rated in the lower level.


To dig in further into the data, I extrapolate the top ten genres that are rated the highest among the samples and the presence of original series among the world.


Most importantly, what value did those show create? From the graph below, we can tell that: it seems that, after every hit show released, the slope went a little steeper for subscription count.


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