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Toxic Comments Classification, and 'Non-toxic' Chat Application
1/ Project description: I've recently participated in a Kaggle's competition about Toxic comments classification, sponsored by the Conversation AI team,...
Huy Tran
Posted on March 14, 2018
Improving a Music Website's User Experience
  In the beginning, a music website was born... It was a great opportunity and pleasure to be...
Understanding The Drivers Of CTR In Mobile Display Advertising
Introduction: According to the Wireless Association’s Website (, there were approximately 255.4 million American wireless subscribers, representing a...
A.I. Development for Two Sigma Halite II Challenge
Introduction Halite is an open source artificial intelligence programming challenge, created by Two Sigma, where players build bots...
Hans Lau
Shubh Varma
Ilyas Shomayev
, , and
Posted on January 20, 2018
Predicting Customer's Drink of Choice From Real-Time Image Capture
Introduction Our team had the privilege of collaborating with the data science team of one of the largest...
Predicting clicks in mobile advertising: An experiment
Introduction  Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that acts as a bridge between companies and their customers. While...
Kathryn Bryant
Paul Ton
M. Aaron Owen
, and
Posted on December 21, 2017
Analyzing and Predicting European Soccer Match Outcomes
Introduction Soccer, in my opinion,  is not only  the most popular but  the  best sport in the world....
Efezino Erome-Utunedi
Posted on October 18, 2017
Real time Yelp reviews analysis and response solutions for restaurant owners
Motivation Before trying a new restaurant, we frequently consult with review platforms, such as Yelp, Zomato, or Google,...
Yu-Han Chen
Posted on September 29, 2017
Identifying "Fake News" With NLP
Introduction What is fake news? We’ve all heard of it, but it is not always easy to identify....
Julia Goldstein
Posted on September 18, 2017
Redefining Cancer Treatment: Predicting Gene Mutations to Advance Personalized Medicine
Introduction and Project Scope One of the most exciting frontiers for machine learning is the field of medical...
Recommending your car brand
Buying a new car is a big and exciting step, especially when it is your first car. Research...
Steven Jongerden
Posted on September 13, 2017
Employee Attrition Analysis
Introduction Attrition is a common issue that every company has to deal with. The goal of the HR analytics project...
Posted on September 11, 2017
Instacart Market Basket Analysis - Reorder Analysis
Introduction InstaCart market basket analysis was a Kaggle competition that was open early 2016 and was conducted by...
Posted on September 8, 2017
Facial Expression Recognition with Tensorflow
Introduction: What's Deep Learning? If you have a basic understanding of Neural Network, then it's easy to explain....
Jian Qiao
Posted on August 24, 2017
Build up a near real time Twitter streaming analytical pipeline from scratch using Spark and AWS
  Introduction: This blog is about the technical implementation of streaming analysis pipeline in our capstone project: Creating...
Posted on August 20, 2017
Credit Card Fraud Detection
Introduction One of the major pain points for the credit card industry has been to accurately find potential...
Smitha Mathew
Posted on August 4, 2017
A Hybrid Recommender with Yelp Challenge Data -- Part I
This is the first part of the Yelper_Helper capstone project blog post. Please find the second part here....
Creating a Real-time Streaming Analytical Platform to manage social media marketing campaign
Motivation and Vision The goal of the project was to provide actionable, scalable and data-driven insights to marketing...
Forecasting Economic Risk in the EU into 2020
Written by Chen Trilnik and Jack Yip. To view the original source code, visit our Github repo here.  ...
Jack Yip
Chen Trilnik
Posted on June 27, 2017