Demo Day (Students of Data Science by Python Class)

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

–Project demo day of John’s Data Science by Python Class

Follow us to check out what cool stuff you can do with data science using python.

It was NYC Data Science Academy's student demo day.  John Downs' Python class was offered in May-June and several of the students did projects using the tools they learned in class.  This was their opportunity to present their work.


NYC Data Science Academy is offering two relative Python courses:

RSVP Python Beginner: Data Science by Python

RSVP Python Intermediate: Machine Learning


Students and their projects:


Joe: A Text-based Adventure Game



Frank: Using the New York Times API



Diana: Financial Packages, Remittances, And Latin America

Topic: Using the world bank data set on remittance transfers between 2011-2014 to look at financial packages sent from several countries to Colombia, Brazil and Mexico to compare the cost of sending these different packages to each of these countries.


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