Washington DC Crime Shiny App

2012 -2017 Washington DC Crime Report


The capital city of the United States of America, Washington DC, does not have a very good reputation for public safety in the history. This shiny app is focused on giving the user information about Washington DC’s crime from 2012-2017(July 13th).

As an International Student, I know my personal safety is always the priority concern for family and friends at my home country. This shiny app can also provide information to newly arrived International students in search of a safe area in which to live.


I created the following section to better analyze and visualize the data.


Total Crime with Different Shift

This Bar Chart shows total crime recorded from different shifts: morning, night and midnight. The user can choose different years to see the change of the quantities of crime that happened on different shifts. Although the specific time range about morning, night and midnight are not provided from the data source. We still can observe a relatively low quantity of crime during midnight time range.

Total Crime with Different Crime Type

The Bar Chart gives information about different types of crime that usually occur in the Washington DC area. Assault is a defined as an assault with dangerous weapon or caused serious injury. Theft F/Auto include stealing motor vehicle parts and anything inside of the motor vehicle.  

Total Crime with Different District

It is very important to find out which area is relatively dangerous and which area is a good place to stay. The Bar Chart provides some information about each district’s total crime quantities.


The cluster map is clearly giving information about the number of recorded crimes on every street. It intuitively shows valuable information for the user.

The Density Map

The density Map provides another vision of the location of crimes. The user can select different crime types to see which is most common in a particular area.

The Red Zone

The red zone defined as top 10 repeated crime location.  This map plot is created meant to warn for certain area that people might get a higher chance to be a victim of a crime.

The Holiday Plot

Crimes are said to escalate during holidays. The definition of holidays for this plot is New Year, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The result actually shows the total number of crimes occurring during holidays is a relatively minuscule percentage of the total number of yearly crimes.

Growth Rate

The growth rate shows the total quantities of crime is slightly declining since 2014.


This shiny app can give the newly arrived international student a very simple and clear information about Washington DC’s public safety situation. It is a very helpful tool for them when choosing a place to live.





Code: https://github.com/nash13cxw/1stshiny

Xiaowei Cheng
Xiaowei Cheng
Xiaowei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and now is pursuing his Master’s in Biostatistics at George Washington University. Xiaowei discovered his passion in data through research projects in graduate school, where he worked with professors on analyzing health care data and drawing results from medical studies. Xiaowei is a passionate and savvy programmer with proficiency in Python, R, and SQL. During his time in bootcamp, he has been working extensively on projects involving data visualization, web scraping techniques, and machine learning.

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