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A Crime Guide to New York City
    Background & Purpose Just 20 years ago, the streets of New York were racked with all...
Yinan Jiang
Posted on February 5, 2018
Transitioning NYC heating fuel away from oil
Business Case As of 2018, there are over seven thousand oil burning furnaces still in operation across the...
Michael Chin
Posted on February 4, 2018
Department of Consumer Affairs Charges
The Charges Data Set The NYC Open Data project provides the Department of Consumer Affairs data from 2016-2017.  The Department...
Posted on February 4, 2018
An Analysis of 311 Complaint Data
    Background: Beginning in 2010,  NYC launched an initiative to expose government data via NYC Open Data in an...
Michael Chuang
Posted on December 28, 2017
An Analysis of NYC311 Noise Complaints
Introduction Launched in 2003, NYC311 is an information hub created by the New York City government that provides...
M. Aaron Owen
Posted on October 17, 2017
How safe is it to walk the streets of New York?
As a New Yorker, I walk to school and work and so have wondered about the safety of...
Nachiket Patel
Posted on August 5, 2017
NYC Parking Tickets Visualization
  The aim of this project is to analyze and visualize New York City's parking tickets data. Data...
Posted on April 29, 2017
Where is All That Noise Coming From? A Case Study on NYC's 311 Noise Complaints
  Please visit my R Shiny App here to view the all the cool interactive graphics in the presentation. To...
Jack Yip
Posted on April 26, 2017
Got Heat? Tenant Heating Complaints and a Civic-Tech Solution
Problem Every year, hundreds of thousands of New York City residents file complaints with 311, a non-emergency call...
Tom Hunter
Posted on February 6, 2017
Mapping NYC Common Core Scores
Introduction: A Brief History and Description of the Common Core In 2009, the National Governors’ Association and the...
David Letzler
Posted on February 3, 2017
Filming Locations around New York City - Visualization using Shiny Dashboard
Introduction Many movies have been filmed in New York City, but it is difficult to get a sense...
Posted on February 2, 2017
National Park Web Scraping
Contributed by Wann-Jiun Ma. He is currently attending the NYC Data Science Academy Online Data Science Bootcamp program. This...
Wann-Jiun Ma
Posted on December 21, 2016
NYC Vision Zero - Has this initiative improved the overall road safety ?
  Introduction All of us are aware that motor vehicle accidents are becoming an inevitable part of our daily...
Posted on June 29, 2016
Cultural Institutions of New York City
Contributed by Rob Castellano. He  is currently in the NYC Data Science Academy 12 week full time Data Science Bootcamp program...
Rob Castellano
Posted on May 13, 2016
Velocity of Citi Bikes
Contributed by Taraqur Rahman. He is currently in the NYC Data Science Academy 12 week full time Data Science Bootcamp program...
Posted on May 2, 2016
Visualizing New York City's Parking Violation Data
Contributed by Steven Ginsberg.He is currently in the NYC Data Science Academy 12 week full time Data Science Bootcamp program taking...
Steven Ginzberg
Posted on May 1, 2016
Max Kuhn Gives Talk at NYC Open Data Meetup
NYC Open Data Meetup was pleased to host Max Kuhn on February 17, who gave a wonderful talk...
Posted on February 19, 2015
Play Data, Play Ball! - Exploring Baseball Data with R
Demo day: Dec 9, 2014. No photos available. Contributed by Summit Suen & Wayne Chen. They took the...
Posted on December 31, 2014
Minority and Non-Minority Business Creation in NYC, 2005-2013
Contributed by Shelby Ahern. Shelby took our Data Science with R - Beginner Level - class with Vivian...
Posted on July 27, 2014